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Found 3 results

  1. Q. Can you design a Wordpress website for me ? A. No, we can provide you with a webspace with blank wordpress installation for e.g. that you can freely customize. Q. Can I open a web store in your hosting ? A. No, we're working to make it possible ASAP. Q. Can I send emails and make accounts on other websites with email address provided by my account ? A. Yes. Q. I have my own domain, can I use it here ? A. Yes, we can transfer it. Please contact at info@hhouse.ie ...
  2. If you want to: - learn by yourself webdesign with Wordpress/Joomla/Drupal and many more - have own blog/website but prefer to host it free with acceptance of some limitations - make a portfolio for your business - make a website for your online gaming community - make a website for small non-profit organisation* e.g. local communities, sportclubs, fanclubs, etc. And even if you have no idea how to setup a webpage - don't worry. Our service is automated. You will get ready to go** Wordpress, community forum, web gallery or many more to choose from. * for small organisations or fan clubs please contact info@hhouse.ie to customize free account that will suit your needs. ** with email, ftp, admin panel and cloud storage on request.
  3. You don't need to buy or have domain as We are providing them. For free account you can choose from two: - hostinghouse.ie - hhouse.ie. 1. Pick a name for your website and domain that suits you better (e.g. mywebsite.hhouse.ie) 2. Create account on our forum 3. Reply to this topic with desired website name and (optional) which package* you wish to have installed on your website. What's next ? You will receive e-mail from us with all information about your new account. Whole process is fully automated. After we read your request, you should have your website up and running within 1 day (usually less than hour). *not all of them but majority (120+) are available at the time of writting this post. Some packages require additional setup.
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